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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 17, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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if you have pictures of damage, a glove to see them on facebook or you can e-mail me. there was a stint in the squall line yesterday -- a kink in the squall line. there are few sprinkles in the district -- near the district. temperatures are in the mid 50's. a mild start to this wednesday. there's a wind advisory at 9:00 a.m. and lasting until 4:00 p.m. for most of the region, shaded in the tan area. gusts up to 50 miles an hour. a lot of sunshine, highs in the the 60's. tree debris down, but.
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be careful coming out of neighborhoods. there could be power lines down because of storm damage. be cautious with traffic signals out. yesterday a truck rented to the overpass at beulah rd. there are still doing repairs and checking for the structural integrity of the overpass. two right lanes are closed. eastbound dulles toll road, traffic is able to get the right to the left. light volume in our favor. back to you. >> we begin on storm watch this wednesday morning. strong storms blew through the region overnight. thousands of breaking up in the dark and having to find other ways to work. pamela brown is live in arlington with a look at the damage. good morning. >> good morning. this was a brief and powerful
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storm that moved through with lots of lightning and wind gusts of 54 miles an hour or. that caused a lot of damage overnight. downed trees and power lines. the the bulk of the damage happens in arlington. there's a massive tree down on the road on george mason drive. george mason is shut down between washington boulevard and 50th street. the crews have been out since 2:30 this morning. dominion virginia power is trying to clear about the downed power lines and the crews have been using chainsaws to take care of a downed tree limbs. some strides streets will be closed in arlington -- some sidestreets. this is next to virginia
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hospital center. if you live in this area, keep that in mind. there are several power outages. the book of the outages are in arlington. 10,500 hamas is still in the dark. dominion is still working on that situation. back to you. in the chandra levy murder trial, entering its final stages. the jury will. ingmar guandique is accused of killing chandra levy nearly a decade ago. >> courtney robinson is live in northwest. good morning. >> good morning. after nearly a month of testimony, the jury has quite a bit to consider. they heard a plea for justice from prosecutors. the defense says a guilty verdict would be convicting an
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innocent man. prosecutors say that you should convicted in march 20, but the defense says the case is fiction. prosecutors say that he attacked the woman angela terry in the woods to die a slow death been eroded area of rock creek park. he was arrested for attacking two other women at the same time of the chandra levy murder. he gave details only the murderer would know. attorneys repeated over and over, reasonable doubt, lack of a forensic evidence, no eye witnesses. defense attorneys asked jurors to consider bikeshare gary
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condit will not answer questions about alleged sexual relationship with chandra levy. this is in the hands of the jury. they will have to decide the fate of one man, ingmar guandique. courtney robinson reporting. the arizona man accused of having weapons inside his trailer outside the air and space museum is expected in court today. felony status conference will be held for 56-year-old james patock. he was arrested on november 3. prince william county's illegal immigration crackdown. the study finds the policy to the number of illegal immigrants by 6000 and reduced crime. the study reports that since the policy was implemented two years ago, no reports of racial profiling have been filed, but some residents say racial profiling is rampant.
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>> racial profiling, always being asked if i am here illegally. >> one-third of arlington county residents are immigrants and crime there is at its lowest since 1960. prosecutors revealed that fbi agents recorded phone calls between langley park liquor store owners ravinder melhi and amrik melhi in which they spoke about paying bribes to county officials in exchange for favors. the judge has ordered the couple to be held until their trial. new york congressman charles rangel is waiting to learn his punishment after a house panel found the violated ethics rules. the full house ethics committee will'decide s punishment parity could be sanctioned,, or denied privileges. he hopes that the committee will
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treat him fairly. >> house democrats and republicans will choose their leaders for the. next the the current minority leader john boehner is expected to be elected speaker of dallas. virginia congressman eric cantor is expected to become majority leader. current speaker nancy pelosi is expected to stay on as minority leader. a regional task force will unveil ideas to improve medical. -- improve metro. the council recommended that it install a ceo. with limitations on public periods and a better attendance from the board. still ahead, brandy against bristol palin.
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we will tell you about the surprise in the dancing finals. changing the course of the british crown, the latest on the royal engagement. and a stormy night and a windy day, adam caskey will have detail ♪ ♪
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wednesday morning, 5:10. and a line of strong storms moved through or around midnight in the metro area. it down to some trees and caused damage. we have the latest on how that's affecting the commute to this morning. a few light showers on the radar. sprinkles in frederick county, north and loudoun county, moving into clarke county and warrenton. temperatures are in the mid 50's. low to mid 50's northwest of town, mid 50's locally. if we are near the average high temperature already. temperatures will reach the mid 60's today. there's a wind advisory from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.. a steady westerly wind at 15-25. gusts over 30 miles an hour.
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some areas could see gusts as high as 50 miles an hour or through the late morning through early afternoon. sunny today. let's wind tonight. looking pretty good friday through the weekend. now to lisa baden. in arlington, no. george mason drive closed with a tree down and power poles down. massachusetts avenue at the naval observatory is closed. there are a smattering of pallet colleges -- power outages. 95 is great between richmond and baltimore. there are no troubles on 66 and 270. normal travel times on the dulles greenway onto the toll road. after hunter mill road, i will
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show a picture of the tollway in a moment. back to you. 5:12. >> jimmy kimmel has a call to action, what he wants thousands of millions of facebook users to do. >> and more on that will engagement, coming up. >> there's a new oral spill reported that blames bp for the environmental disaster. reported that blames bp for the environmental disaster.
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welcome back. the storm that blew through our region overnight left behind plenty of damage. this was the scene along george mason drive in arlington, where the storm brought down trees and power lines. thousands of houses and businesses across the d.c. area are without electricity this morning.
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a d.c. jury will begin deliberations in the case against ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing a federal intern chandra levy in 2001. sides delivered closing arguments yesterday. prosecutors dropped several charges during the trial. a group of experts said that bp and its contractors missed and ignored warning signs before the april balad that caused the massive spill in the gulf. if the panel says it may never know for sure what exactly led to the blowout. great britain is preparing for their royal wedding. prince william plans to marry kate middleton, a, under that he's been dating 80 years. new details on the proposal that has everybody talking. emily schmidt, good morning. >> kate middleton is about to do something that has not
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happened in britain more than 30 years. --s about to marry a common prince william is about to marry a commoner. that safire surrounded by diamonds is very familiar. >> it is my mother's engagement ring. becauseit's quite nice, she's not around to share in the excitement with me. >> she's a lovely woman to look o, to c >> queen elizabeth says that she is delighted. he plans the engagement for more than a year and carry to the ring around in his backpack and more than three weeks, waiting for the right moment. he knew that if he lost that
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ring, he would be in trouble. emily schmidt, abc 7 news. >> it is a beautiful ring. thank you. moving on to other news, the transportation security administration is expected to face more tough questions about its new screening procedures. the issue is expected to come up during a senate commerce committee today. passengers who refused full body scans or pat-down would not be allowed to get on an airplane. reagan national airport ranks 10th on a list of best u.s. airports. dulles international came in 13th and bwi marshall came in at no. 15. they were judged by on-time arrivals and departures as well as other criteria. the ntsb wants virginia to
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make not wearing a seat belt and primary offense, meaning drivers could be pulled over if they are not buckled up. maryland and d.c. have such a lot. it increased seat belt use by 12% and it prevents traffic fatalities. >> rob nelson has national stories. >> stop cell phone carriers are looking to turn your phone into a credit card. verizon, at&t, and t-mobile are forming a joint venture to allow customers to pay for services by waving their telephone in front of his candor. that will be rolling alice in parts of the country in the next 18 months. google has of reapplication that lets users sign up for a new phone number and then route calls from their cell phone as well as their office and home
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phone and it has free texting. jimmy tingle has declared this national unfriends day. jimmy kimmel.oil there is much better weather ahead. >> a line of storms last night came through. this is what it looked like on the radar screen. red stretching north to south moved through the metro area. around area -- around midnight. sometimes you can potentially
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get a tornado. right now the plan is to send a crew to baltimore to verify if a tornado touched down. there were none around the metro area. there was a potential tornado here or there with the storm system yesterday. thousands of people are without electricity. there are a few lingering sprinkles. approach in westminster. parts of loudoun county and pushing out of winchester. 54 degrees in winchester and leesburg. it is a mild start to the day. the wind is beginning to pick up a little. there's a light southwesterly wind locally. beginning to switch out of the west. gusting up to 32 miles an hour in martinsburg. 21 in winchester. later today we could have with gusts of 50 miles an hour. we have a wind advisory from
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9:00 a.m. through 4 rpm. gusty and windy today, as in the mid-60s, mostly sunny. there's cloudy weather tomorrow. sunday from friday through the weekend. mid 50's. straight to the dulles road. yesterday there was a truck that ran into the beulah road overpass on the eastbound toll road. that is the overpass after the hunter mill road. . you can see the crews are checking damage to the overpass, checking the structural integrity to the bridge and making necessary repairs. this is live on the toll road eastbound. two right lanes are closed. the far right lane will be closed at least until midday, according to authorities. 55 degrees, 5:22. >> with john wall intercut, gilbert arenas had his chance.
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>> today on "the oprah show" there's a doctor performing miracles, or his he a sult
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>> the wizards did not have john wall last night. he was out with a sprained foot. they beat toronto.
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gilbert arenas started. he had 20 points last night, three assists. they had 28 assists. 20 points for nick young. booker mrs.. the wizards beat the raptors and are three and two at home. team --n's georgetown georgetown defeated maryland 55-53. the news continues with good morning washington at 5:30.
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still ahead, the fda is setting its sights on an alcohol-caffeine drinks. >> guilty or innocent? that is what juries will have to decide in the chandra levy murder case. the jury will begin deliberations this morning. >> it was an active night with damaging storms that moved through. damaging storms that moved through.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on this wednesday, a fast-moving storm could mean a slow start to the
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work day. we are tracking the damage reports and colleges this morning. good morning, washington. glad you are joining us on this wednesday, november 17. i'm alison starling. >> i'm scott thuman. adam caskey is in the weather center for the forecast. it was an active night. >> there was a lot of strong thunderstorms. there was damaging winds. --thereo high wind- will be high wind today. it's 56 degrees currently. it's 54 at dulles. 55 in martinsburg. the wind advisory for the vast majority of the viewing area from 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.. wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour or in the metro area, 50 in outlying areas.
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there are some trees down. has been quite a night with the storm damage. 15 southbound before the exit for south jefferson streets there's been a crash. traffic is getting by in one lane. give yourself extra time. in arlington, up two power poles broke and dorati's down -- and there are wires down. no. george mason drive between 15th and 16th streets is that location. back to you. >> thank you. we are on storm watch. powerful wind toppled trees and power lines and damaged buildings as well. pamela brown is live in arlington with some of the damage left behind.
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good morning. >> good morning. lesa was talking about the downed tree in arlington. it's behind me. this is on george mason drive next to the va hospital center. during the morning rush hour, george mason drive between 15th street and washington boulevard will be closed. the trees fell on a power line. looked at this telephone pole that split in half. this is an example of some of the damage from last night's. the storms brought damaging winds and lightning. most of the damage has been downed trees and power lines, especially in this part of arlington. this is next to va hospital center. this neighborhood has been hit hard. a lot of the side streets will be closed for the next few hours as the crews will be clearing
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the situation. they've been here since 2:30 this morning. most of the power outages are in arlington. 10,005 under and palaces still in the dark in arlington. -- northern virginia, i should say. -- 10,500 powhoses are still in the dark. the jury and will begin deliberating whether in or guandique kilduff chandra levy. >> the defense made pleas to the jury yesterday. courtney robinson of the latest from northwest. >> the jury has a lot to consider. they heard a lot of evidence, a lot of testimony from both sides.
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it will be in the hands of the jury this morning. they will begin deliberations. yesterday they heard closing arguments from the prosecution and defense. the prosecution said that the chandra levy family has waited almost 10 years for justice. the defense says convicting an innocent man would not be justice. they said former congressman gary condit is the one who acted guilty in the time after the disappearance. the prosecutors said that in march guandique assaulted two other women in rock creek park and there was a jail does confession from a former inmate. we will be awaiting the decision, diverted from the jury. there's no word on how long the deliberations will last.
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live in northwest, courtney robinson, abc 7. some members of the european community plan to protest today in connection with the debts of 27-year-old ali mohammed. ddot and, dc9 nightclub last month. they want to make sure that the club's liquor license is not reinstated. police are trying to identify a body found in a box in frederick. workers doing routine orix found the body on interstate 70 near erratic mountain. it was an adult. residents are stunned by the discovery. >> i am really surprised. it is blowing my mind. >> police of looking at miss cigna persons reports and are awaiting an autopsy to find
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about how the person died. they want to hear from anyone who saw anything suspicious. prosecutors say fbi agents reported -- recorded phone conversations between two langley park a liquor store owners. ravinder melhi and amrik melhi talk about paying bribes to county officials in exchange for favors. >> the meeting between president obama and congressional leaders has been pushed back until after thanksgiving. a bipartisan summit had been set for this thursday. it will take place on november 30. president obama called for the meeting two days after republicans gained control of the house. house democrats and republicans will choose their leaders for the next congress. john boehner is expected to be chosen as speaker and eric cantor as majority leader.
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nancy pelosi is expected to be the minority leader. >> cracking dawn on a dangerous drink. a live report on. on >> another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. on >> another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will when i saw all the jobs disappearing, i knew i needed to find a better way to support my daughter. at age forty, greg flowers went back to school. i got a job as a computer applications engineer. but now some in washington want regulations restricting access to career colleges and universities, denying opportunity to millions of people like greg, letting government decide who can go to college. it's my education, my job, it should be my choice. don't let washington get in the way.
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i am at food and friends, reminding you to buy your slice. good morning, washington. 5:40 on this wednesday morning. rainfall totals from 1.7 inches in leesburg to over a half inch in college park. heavy downpours last night with gusty straight line wins. it's in the 50's right now. 55 in leesburg, 53 in spotsylvania, 55 in martinsburg. a few sprinkles in and around montgomery county and even crossing 270, gaithersburg to the urbana area, like sprinkles. not very gusty yet.
5:41 am
there could be gusts in excess of 30 miles an hour. it will get a lot to gustier later this morning through this midafternoon. gusts between 30 and 50 miles an hour or. 50 close to the ridge tops. high temperatures in the mid- 60s. not as windy tonight, clear and cool. .id 50's tomorrow beautiful from friday through the weekend. very busy morning. the phone is ringing off avoca. -- off the hook. massachusetts avenue near 34th street is blocks because of a tree down. no. george mason drive is closed in arlington because of a calo pull down and trees down. no. george mason drive is shut down.
5:42 am
there's a wreck out of frederick at south jefferson street. the dulles toll road eastbound, yesterday somebody hit the beulah road overpass. there are still doing repairs and checking the integrity. two lanes to the left are getting by. we are seeing more action on the high. back to you. 55 degrees, 5;42. >> brandy or bristol palin? someone had to say goodbye. we will hear from the latest.
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tonight at 5:00, this
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evening we have new details iconoclast what local transportation leaders will do this year to clear the roads and sidewalks. there's a new snow strategy, tonight at 5:00. storms moved through our area, leaving behind plenty of damage. this was the scene on george mason drive in arlington, where the storm knocked down trees and power lines. thousands of houses and businesses are in the dark. jurors began deliberating the fate of ingmar guandique today, the man accused of killing a federal intern chandra levy if more than nine years ago. both sides gave closing arguments yesterday. prosecutors dropped several charges against him during the trial. hundreds of people gathered for a candlelight vigil to a member of murder north carolina girl. that was held on sort of baker's -- on zahra baker's
5:47 am
11th birthday. remains have been found in more than two locations. brianne carter has reaction to a possible ban on four loko. >> before the fda takes any action, the maker says it would change the ingredients in the controversial drinker. inside this can, but some are calling the dangerous combination. it packs the punch of about four beers and a tall club of coffee and costs about $3, making it popular for college students. >> i think they like it because it tastes good and you can get a buzz pretty easily.
5:48 am
>> the company is planning to remove the caffeine. >> what to the caffeine is doing is encouraging people to drink far more than they should. it masks the effect of the alcohol also people do not feel the state of intoxication. >> this students of the combination made him feel sick. >> my stomach felt bad and i got a headache afterwards. >> some say they plan to stock up on it. >> we will probably by five cases before they pull it from the shelves. >> the product has been banned in a number of states. the company unsuccessfully dealt with what they call a difficult and politically charged regulatory environment on the state and federal level. the fda should make a decision in less than a week.
5:49 am
d.c. wants to find out how much doctors know about the hiv and aids epidemic. the health department will send the doctor is a survey asking questions about the epidemic and recommendations for screening. 3% of d.c. residents have been diagnosed with hiv. the massive snowstorm that .ammered our region musfebruary it was nicknamed snowmageddon. that was one of the top words of 2010. it shares the no. 7 spot with snowpocalypse. m, regarding the oil spill camera. and the vuvuzela was another. >> i would be happy to forget
5:50 am
snowmageddon. >> you hated the vuvuzela. >> i did. let's move on. >> this is the calm after the storm. as we had the active weather yesterday. the summer-like weather associated with it moved over headed for about eight hours last night. so temperatures went up to 64 degrees around midnight. that is rare. it gave us the conditions to form the line of thunderstorms. this is the picture of the storms last night, not what's happening right now. there is the line of storms that developed. the squall line caused damage from fairfax up to baltimore.
5:51 am
it goes out all little and forms an "s" pattern and dad can cause a brief tornado. their dispatching a storm survey crew to baltimore later on today to assess the damage and to determine whether there actually was a tornado. germantown, gaithersburg, north of albany -- olney, a few light sprinkles still. the wind sustained at 10 miles an hour or 14 miles an hour at reagan national. still ahead of the southwest locally. beginning to shift. a westerly wind will prevail today. it will be gustiest. from's a wind advisory 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. with gusts up to 30-50 miles an hour.
5:52 am
mid 50's currently for the temperatures. mid 60's drives. mostly sunny through the weekend with highs in the 50s. there's an accident that happened yesterday afternoon. we will go live to the toll road eastbound, coming out of reston. this is a short to back up just developing. two lanes to the left getting by. clean up to the repairs of the dual mode overpass -- beulah road overpass. let's go to arlington, virginia. two snapped power poles, no. george mason drive closed between 15th street and 16th street. you have been so busy. who was kicked off dancing with
5:53 am
the stars? >> it was shocking. you will be surprised. it was a favorite. brandy an interpreter got perfect scores for their argentine tango. she denied - votes needed to keep her in the competition. she leaves the show a more confident woman, she says. >> a part of me that cannot believe kids can, but i cannot .ocus on that -- >> and she says don't worry about her, she has a new album on the way. the next step for the competition is a free style dance. >> it's not about the ability,
5:54 am
it is about popularity. whatever that is. i have always loved brandy. >> no one thought to bristol palin and would go this far. >> absolutely. >> just coming upon 5:54
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welcome back. a young paratrooper is the first
5:57 am
living soldier since the vietnam war to receive the nation's top military honor. >> president obama ordered the medal of honor to staff sergeant salvatore linda the medal of honor for charging onto a battlefield in afghanistan and chasing down two taliban fighters carrying his friends away. >> i lost two difference of mine. -- i lost two dear friends of mine. i will give this back in the second to have my friends. >> he will be honored again today when he is inducted into the hall of heroes at the pentagon. a nice story. >> inspiring. >> 5:57 on this wednesday morning. there's a lot more in the second hour,. >> 38 days until christmas.
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ways to save at various stories. >> pamela brown, live in arlington. the overnight storm could affect arlington. the overnight storm could affect your morning
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